Rakul Preet Singh slapped Dhanraj Mind-Blocked Really


Rakul Preet Singh slapped Dhanraj Mind-Blocked Really

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Rakul Preet Singh slapped Dhanraj
Rough movie is releasing tomorrow. In the wake of its release, the movie female lead Rakul Preet Singh gave an interview and shared interesting anecdotes about shooting for Rough!

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She said that when she came to sets of Rough she was very hesitant and shy. However, only on second day of her time on sets the unit had to film a sequence wherein she had to slap comedian Dhanraj.

Even though she was hesitant to slap him Rakul said that the comedian encouraged her to do it and when she slapped him it turned out really that Dhanraj’s mind blocked with her tight slap! She said that whenever she thinks of the incident it leaves her in splits! Industry pundits are saying Rakul craze could give Rough movie good openings. Aadi too is hopeful that the actress will turn out his lucky charm!

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