Mohan Babu made Satires on Allu Aravind


Mohan Babu made Satires on Allu Aravind

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Mohan Babu made Satires on Allu Aravind

Actor-producer Mohan Babu is never short of taking dig at his “arch rivals”. He is at it again. This time the “victim” is none-other than Mega producer Allu Aravind. Both the titans have “clashed” on the sidelines of Memu Saitham press conference. The interesting conversation between the duo has raised many eyeballs. Curious to know? Check this out.

Arvaind, who was waiting outside for the press conference to be finished, called Mohan Babu who is passing by. Mohan Babu looked back and said with a laughter, “Who are you? See who is there in front of me? Guruvu Garu (Dasari) is here. Who is important to me? Guruvu Garu or you? Of course, it’s him,” Mohan Babu said bluntly.

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Aravind, who didn’t figure out veteran Dasari due to bad light in corridor, rushed nearby Dasari and Mohan and wished both Dasari, Mohan Babu. Soon after that, Aravind said, “I’ll telephone you and talk to you.” Meanwhile, Mohan Babu didn’t mince his words and took pot shots at Aravind. Throughout the conversation Mohan Babu tried his best to pull Aravind’s leg. He cracked several satires on Aravind before all three of them went into a Coffee shop and had a chat. Interestingly, Aravind took it in his stride and laughed for Mohan Babu’s satires on him.

Although it seem interesting for gossip mongers, the truth is that Mohan Babu, Allu Aravind have a longtime bonding and both share good camaraderie. It’s once again evident with the latest incident.

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