Nara Rohith’s Self Jokes Like Jr.NTR


Nara Rohith’s Self Jokes Like Jr.NTR

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Nara Rohith's Self Jokes Like Jr.NTR
Among the young generation of the Nandamuri clan, young tiger Junior NTR has catapulted himself to superstardom. Those who know him closely say he is quite an energetic and fun loving person. There were also times when Junior used to crack jokes on his personality because he was quite chubby at one point.

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In an interview during the time of the movie ‘Samba’ he reportedly said Nandamuri people means they should have some personality otherwise it won’t work. Now, it looks like the same path is being taken by another hero who is quite closely related to the Nandamuris. He is none other than Nara Rohith.

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This was the reaction which came from many after they saw his latest release ‘Rowdy Fellow’. Apparently, there is a scene in the movie where 30 Years Prithvi looks at Rohith and says “Babu Boddhu Ga Unnadu, physical test kuda manage cheyyali”. Well, while that was enjoyed with a pinch of humor, fact remains that no matter how the personality is, if performance is good, everything is covered and impression is positive.