Watch : Prakash Raj is Shameless says Sreenu Vytla


Watch : Prakash Raj is Shameless says Sreenu Vytla

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Prakash Raj is Shameless says Sreenu Vytla

“I’ve terminated Prakash Raj from Aagadu not due to arrogance, but for self-respect. He has insulted an assistant director and scolded him with parliamentary language before everyone in broad daylight. Everyone knows the issue”, said Sreenu Vytla, while giving clarity over Prakash Raj’s accusations of the other day.

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“Prakash should have that shame as he’s been busy publicizing about result of Aagadu”. We could recollect that Prakash accused Sreenu as shameless for copying his poem. “He dedicated that satirical poem to me, though that ‘issue’ is not about me. He has slapped a co-director and when the issue is being resolved in association, how could he hold a press meet? As he wrote that poem for me, I’ve used it in the movie”, quipped Vytla.

Reacting on throwing satires on Pawan Kalyan, NTR and others, Sreenu said he never aimed anyone with his satires. “We have thrown satires on our own Dookudu dialogues. I’m admirer of Pawan and expressed that openly many a times. As you have seen Aagadu already, there is nothing like satire on Pawan and NTR”, he clarified.

Speaking further on the advice given by Prakash Raj about making good cinema, “I need not learn the nuances of making cinema from Prakash Raj as we have seen the result of his Ulavacharu Biryani. Also in movies, hits and flops are common, as results don’t always come in the way we want”, stresses Sreenu Vytla.

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