Samantha sensational comments on Swetha Basu’s prostitution racket


Samantha sensational comments on Swetha Basu’s prostitution racket

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Samantha sensational comments on Swetha Basu's prostitution racket
Responding on the Swetha Basu Prasad’s sex racket episode, Samantha declared the consequences an individual faces purely depends on the choice he/she makes. She, however, doesn’t agree with the perception TFI isn’t good for actresses just because several small-time heroines have been caught involving in the flesh trade in the past few years. According to her, Tollywood is the best and safest place to work!

Samantha claims she will be a bundle of nerves every time she begin the work of a new project and whenever her film gears up for release. Failures do hurt her, but the golden leg is well are of the fact that a success is unpredictable and one has to learn how to handle failures.

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The one suggestion Samantha wishes to share with the aspiring actresses is that they have to be strong from inside rather than just facial makeover. She points out dealing with thousands of people and several issues on daily basis is what they have to learn to survive in the glam world.

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