Music Director Chakri’s death caused by POISON?


Music Director Chakri’s death caused by POISON?

Music Director Chakri's death caused by POISON

A day after Chakri’s wife lodged cases against her in-laws blaming them for the late music director’s death, now it’s the turn of Chakri’s family members. Retaliating Sravani’s allegations, Chakri’s mother Vidyavathi, brother Mahath and others lodged a counter case against Sravani on Sunday in Jubilee Hills police station. Vidyavati lodged case against Chakri’s wife Sravani, and her parents Surekha, Madhusudhan Rao and her brother Bharadwaj alleging that they “poisoned” Chakri and caused his death.

Vidyavati claimed that Sravani had called her on Chakri’s death day and admitted that “she herself killed her husband”. They appealed to police to do a detailed probe in the death of late music director. Chakri’s family members alleged, “In order to escape from the police cases, she herself came out first and tried to frame us as accused. She is the cause for Chakri’s death.”

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Meanwhile, Jubilee Hills police caught in big dilemma as the both parties crossing swords after 29 days after the death of late music director. Since there wasn’t no evidence and not even post-mortem was done whether his death was natural or he was poisoned, they seem to have hit roadblock. But one thing is sure, all the rift within Chakri’s family is certainly hurting Chakri’s fans.

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