KS Ravikumar opens up about Lingaa climax


KS Ravikumar opens up about Lingaa climax

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KS Ravikumar opens up about Lingaa climax
The unintentionally hilarious climax of ‘Lingaa’ drew lot of criticism. Instead of accepting his mistake, The man behind the sequence depends the balloon fight.

Director KS Ravikumar: “If Superman, Spiderman, X-Man and Batman can fly, then why can’t Rajinikanth do that! For me, Rajinikanth isn’t just a Superstar but a Superman. If you don’t like action episode then walk out of the theaters before it starts as the film ends right before it. It is only done for Rajini Fans”.
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“Why don’t you criticize those Hollywood films which have a market of Rs 1,500 crore? Whereas, Tamil Market is limited and we are at Rs 100 crore mark. Within the budget, We tried to do something different”.

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KS Ravikumar’s comments received widespread criticism on social media platforms.

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