Kajal Takes Dig At Ileana’s Boy Friend


Kajal Takes Dig At Ileana’s Boy Friend

Kajal Takes Dig At Ileana's Boy Friend

Other than NTR’s ‘Temper’, there is nothing much happening for seductress Kajal Agarwal on career front. Same is the case with hip-beauty Ileana who is almost empty handed post the failure of Hindi flick ‘Happy Ending’. These hotties are now taking pot shots at each other, probably to grab some eyeballs.

Recently Ileana spoke little low about the competition she had from other popular southern heroines like Kajal Agarwal who are trying to get foothold in Bollywood. And now, Kajal stated that she wouldn’t be dating any foreign boyfriend and marrying him, because those foreigners cannot understand the customs and traditions practised in India. She vowed to marry only an Indian and keep away from the partying and pub culture. That’s too much coming from the big eyed beauty as she takes dig at Illy’s boyfriend.

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Ileana is in neck-deep love with Australian born photographer Andrew Kneebone from a long time and publicly embraced her love many a times. We have to say that Kajal crossed the boundaries a little in making such comments. Even foreigners have their own customs and traditions like us Kajal. You missed that!!

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