I want to Marry Nithiin says?


I want to Marry Nithiin says?

I want to Marry Nithiin says.

A big drama was unfolded at actor Nithiin’s house on Friday early morning when the star’s households found an unknown girl in their compound. According to reports, the girl in her early twenties, gatecrashed into Nithiin’s Jubilee Hills residence on Thursday night (Sankranti night) and spent the whole night in the biting cold. The girl, claimed to be die-hard fan of Nithiin, sought to meet actor and speak to him. Fazed by this sudden move, the family members politely asked the girl to leave. It is learnt that the girl is “loving” Nithiin and wants to “propose” the same to the actor.

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With the girl didn’t budge to the request of Nithiin’s family members, they have finally informed Jubilee Hills police. Police escorted the girl and let her off after giving a proper counselling. Adding to this drama, the girl is said to be daughter of a police official. Even cops said to be tight-lipped on the incident.

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