Yes, I Copy From Hollywood: S S Rajamouli Stated Publicly


Yes I Copy From Hollywood Rajamouli Stated Publicly

“Yes, I copy from Hollywood movies. It’s obvious and most of you know that,” said SS Rajamouli while addressing the students of IIT Madras in the Student Activity Center (SAC) auditorium in IIT-M, Chennai. Setting the record straight for the first-time publicly, Rajamouli admitted that he “copy” from Hollywood films.

When associate enthusiast student within the crowd asked Rajamouli that whether any of the Hollywood films he grew up observation has ‘inspired’ any scenes or sequences in his films, after much thought Rajamouli replied to crowd, “He’s being terribly respectful. the particular question is does one copy from Hollywood?” As presently as Rajamouli said the group cheered and clapped for being simple. Rajamouli added, “The answer is, Yes, I do.” However, Rajamouli said, “But I haven’t copied from any of my contemporaries.”

Reasoning his “copy” act, Rajamouli said, “When I was an assistant director most of my fellow assistants weren’t good enough in English and they didn’t watch English movies. During the story sitting, if I narrate a scene from Hollywood movies, the others will believe and say, ‘Hey, this guy has a lot of creativity’.”

Concluded it, Rajamouli hinted that he never felt copying was something wrong since he grew up in such an atmosphere in the industry. Rajamouli expounded, “The movies were so much part of my life, my DNA that I felt it compulsory to recreate them. Then I started questioning myself and by reading various works came to the conclusion that Art itself is a copy and develops on your predecessor’s works.”