Why Did Anasuya Quit Jabardasth? Anasuya Exclusive Interview


Why Did Anasuya Quit Jabardasth? Anasuya Exclusive Interview

Why Did Anasuya Quit Jabardasth

For its double entendre comedy and for Anasuya’s stunning glamour, TV show ‘Jabardasth’ has garnered huge TRPs on small screen circuit. But Television lovers got disappointed when this hot anchor took a sudden exit from the show, only to be replaced by Rashmi Gautham.

Since then, rumours are rife that Anasuya has quit the show as the makers failed to meet her sky-high remuneration demands. But the truth is something else. “Only reason for me to quite Jabardasth is that I’m expecting my second baby then. As Jabardasth has its own pros and cons of production, with sometimes shows are being shot at the nights, its impossible to continue during my pregnancy”, said Anasuya, while speaking to Gulte.com about her exit from the show.

Currently, Anasuya is busy with a horde of TV shows including the superhit “Modern Mahalakshmi”. And soon she will be seen playing lead role in a film alongside Sesh Adivi and then she may be sporting her naughty side as Nagarjuna’s ‘maradalu’ in the flick ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’.

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