Sukumar To Hold Short Film Contest


Sukumar To Hold Short Film Contest

Short Films have created quite a craze among the youth lately.  Every day hundreds of short films are being uploaded in the internet.  Not just professionals, but also unprofessional people are also giving a try to short films in their own unique way.  The craze has gone to an extent that Director Sukumar is in hunt of short film directors and for that he is holding a short film contest.

Sukumar is a well known and well established director in Tollywood.  He has great hits in his carrier and is stamped with a creative writer mark.  He worked with both big stars and young heroes in the industry and has now focused on directing low budget movies with his associate directors.

Sukumar To Hold Short Film Contest

He is working on small projects under his own Production Company Sukumar Writings.  His first production is Kumari 21F, which received a positive talk.

Sukumars Short Film Contest

Sukumar is going to organize a short film contest shortly.  To bring this contest into action he has associated with Abhishek Pictures.  Sukumar is all set to address the media about the contest tomorrow.  The announcement about the contest has made all the short film lovers excited.

The news about Sukumar holding a contest for Short Films is doing rounds in social media.   There are many aspiring filmmakers who want to make use of this golden opportunity and make a debut into film industry on succeeding in short film making.

Sukumar’s last theatrical release is Nannaku Prematho.  His directorial debut Arya with Bunny is a milestone in both Sukumar’s and Bunny’s carriers.  He worked as a writer under Mohan and V.V. Vinayak before debuting as a director.  Now he once again is going to test his luck in writing with this short film contest.