Shruti Haasan (shruti hassan) Marriage & Husband details!


Shruti Haasan (shruti hassan) Marriage & Husband details!

Shruti Haasan shruti hassan Marriage Husband details

Shruti Haasan is one of the top most actress in South Film Industry and she is equally popular in bollywood. Shruti revealed several attention-grabbing facts concerning her personal life and even marriage.

Shruti said that the idea of wedding freaks her out which she is going to not get married. However, if she had to decide on a man at some tip of her life, he should be like sambar rice of her life. Shruti additional explained the ideat behind her crazy though. all through her entire life, Shruti hassan only loves 2 dishes and they are sambar rice and Japanese dish Shusi.

However, Shruti had dim sum for an entire week recently and got bored of it all. so if the least bit she marries a day, she desires a husband she can be with throughout her life with out losing interest. The stylish beauty added that she is going to not even thought of marrying somebody if she doesn’t get a positive feeling about her life partner. Shruti haasan also said that she wants to marrying a person from the film industry.