Regina cut down her remuneration!


Regina cut down her remuneration!

Earlier, we have seen that a lot of actors keep increasing their remuneration as long as they are give good movies at hit movies at the box office. A few of them does not reduce their remuneration no matter how good the movie is, knowing that they can miss the opportunity of working in the movie because of their high remuneration. This mostly happens with the Tollywood actors.

On the other hand, the tollywood actresses does not think the same way. If they like a movie and their role in it, they are ready to cut down their remuneration price as they do not want to lose on a good movie.

Regina cut down her remuneration!

Regina Cassendra Up coming Movies

Recently, one of the news told that Sudeep Kishan has finalised for Krishna Vamshi’s directoral venture, Nakshatram’. And it has been said that Regina Cassendra will be the female lead in the movie who is also teaming up with Sudeep Kishan for the third time. As this film did not have much amount of budget and it was going to be made under a tight budget, Regina agreed to cut down her remuneration price in order to work for this film. This film will be a high voltage cop drama and the shooting schedule will be out soon.

The other actress, Samantha, who was recently in the head lines for her tweet of not being a good ‘girlfriend’ also told that she is ready to cut down her remuneration price if offered a good role in the movie.  The actress have always been waiting for sensible scripts and if given a chance she is ready to cut down in order to grab the role in a sensible and strong movie.

Well, we hope that the other actors who miss a lot of films due to the ‘remuneration issues’ learn a bit from the actresses as the movie matters more than the money.