Rabhasa Telugu Movie Review First Day First Show Live Updates


Rabhasa Telugu Movie Review First Day First Show Live Updates


25CineFrames Rating: 3/5

Release Date : 29/08/2014
Starring : Jr Ntr,Samantha Prabhu,Pranitha
Director : Santosh Srinivas
Producers : Bellamkonda Suresh,
Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu
Music Director   :   S. Thaman



Analyzation of movie in various aspects:

The festive season is here, ​and young Tiger NTR is ​once again ​back to entertain the audience with his latest flick Rabhasa. Also starring Samantha and Pranitha as female leads, this film has hit the screens today. Lets see whether it gives NTR his much needed hit.

Story :

Karthik(NTR) heads back to India, after completing his graduation in the US. On his arrival, his mother(Jayasudha) decides to get him married to her brothers daughter Indu(Samantha). Sadly, a small family feud ends up in both the families getting separated. In order to fulfill his mothers wish, Karthik joins Indu’s college to somehow convince her for the wedding. There he encounters Bhagyam(Pranitha) who falls in love with him.
After somehow escaping Bhagyam and the whole set up, Karthik ends up meeting Peddi Reddy(Jaya Prakash Reddy) and his arch rival Gangi Reddy(Nagineedu). Who are these two families ? What connection does Karthik have with them ? What happens to Indu ? Will he end up marrying her ? For answers to all these questions, you need to watch he film on big screen.

Technical Aspects :

Production values look quite rich, and the makers have not compromised on this issue. The selection of star cast, and the way it has been shot looks pretty good. Thaman’s music is entertaining, and all the songs have also been shot well.
Screenplay of the film is below par, as the placement of the scenes are quite predictable. Director Santosh Srinivas plays it safe, and chooses quite an old and predictable script. He just showcases the film in a simple and routine manner. Dialogues are below par, and do not match NTR’s stature.

Plus Points :

Major plus point of the film is NTR’s performance. He carries the entire film on his shoulders, and does a brilliant job. ​He is especially good in the emotional scenes, and has underplayed his character quite well.
Samantha looks beautiful as always, and has a meaty role in the film. But it is Pranitha, who walks away with the cake. Even though her role is limited only to the first half, she looks gorgeous and shares a sizzling chemistry with NTR. All her comedy scenes with NTR have come out extremely well.
Comedy episodes involving Brahmanandam in the second half, are good and will largely entertain the audience. Production values look good, and all the major supporting characters do justice to their roles.

Minus Points :

Story of the film is quite routine, and has nothing new ​to offer. Even though the family set up, typical Jaya Prakash Reddy character and Brahmanandam’s comedy entertains you, it has now become stale, and is showcased in many movies off late.
First half of the film is quite simple, and has not much story in it. The major plot only shapes up during the second half. When compared to his previous flicks, NTR’s fans would definitely be disappointed with his dances, as they have nothing new to offer.
The film has many twists and turns that it gets confusing sometimes. Too many characters come in and go out during the second half, making the plot a bit complex at times. Senior actors like Jayasudha and Nasser have been wasted in tiny roles.

Final Words :

On the whole, Rabhasa is definitely not the blockbuster hit that NTR was desperately looking for. But some entertaining comedy and NTR’s one man show, will surely make the general audience lap up this average entertainer during the festive season.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating : 3/5

Rabhasa : First Day First Show Live Updates

Updated at 10:35 AM

Climax done, keep watching this space for the complete movie review

Updated at 10:30 AM

Climax now, ntr is showcasing his intense acting skills

Updated at 10:20 AM

Twist in the tale revealed , movie heading towards climax

Updated at 10:10 AM

The last song is on now, NTR is showing crazy dance moves, production values look rich

Updated at 10:00 AM

Once again situational comedy involving Brahmanandam and all the main characters is on now.

Updated at 09:50 AM

Yet another twist in the story, the second half is getting interesting

Updated at 09:45 AM

Ali makes an entry now, some situational comedy on now

Updated at 09:40 AM

Brahmanandam makes an hilarious entry, crowds are going beserk

Updated at 09:30 AM

Jayprakash Reddy makes an entry

Updated at 09:25 AM

An intense fight in true ntr style is on now

Updated at 09:20 AM

Post interval, the movie heads into flashback mode

Updated at 09:07 AM

Simple interval bang, interval now

Updated at 08:58 AM

The third song ‘Garam Garam Chilaka’ is on now, NTR is finally showing his dance moves.

Updated at 08:55 AM

Interesting Twist in the tale,

Updated at 08:45 AM

Some fun comedy scenes between Samantha, Praneeta and NTR are on now

Updated at 08:35 AM

The super hit NTR song ‘Rakasi Rakasi’ is on now, shot interestingly in college backdrop

Updated at 08:30 AM

Chemistry between NTR and Praneeta is rocking,

Updated at 08:20 AM

Praneeta makes an entry as Bhagyam

Updated at 08:18 AM

Some fun scenes between NTR and Samantha are on now, NTR looks super handsome

Updated at 08:12 AM

Jayasudha and Nassar have come in as NTR’s parents

Updated at 08:09 AM

NTRs intro song lal salaam is on now, locations look stunning

Updated at 08:07 AM

Shayaji Shinde and Brahmaji have now come in

Updated at 08:04 AM

Young tiger NTR makes a rocking entry, crowds are going beserk

Updated at 08:00 AM

A wedding is being showcased now , Samantha makes a simple entry

Updated at 07:55 AM

The titles are rolling and crowds are going crazy with Jai NTR slogans

Updated at 07:54 AM

Hai the movie has just started and is 162 minutes long

Updated at 07:50 AM

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