Pawan Kalyan Property Details List


Pawan Kalyan Property List Details announced

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Pawan Kalyan Property Details List

As we all know that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has started his new political party, before he could establish a political party everyone has to reveal their own properties list… to Election

1Cash in HandRs.89,000
2Bank DepositsRs.3,13,29,229
3Other DepositsRs.4,13,54,423
4LIC & Postal DepositsRs.40,31,000
5Bonds & DebenturesRs.4,55,207
6Mutual FundsRs.1,43,29,105
7In Finance companiesRs.2,90,000
8Two BikesRs.20,31,409
9Two Benz carsRs. 1,86,79,149
10Skoda company carRs.27,67,208
12Hand Loans to othersRs.5,81,99,129
13Machinery worthRs.23,58,863
143rd wife Anna Lezhneva assetsRs.74,548
15Properties on three kidsRs.17,10,106
Total AssetsRs. 17,77,78,376 (17.77 crore)

So Pawan Kalyan has only 17.77 Crore Rupees Only