Naga Chaitanya’s Marriage Photos Goes Viral


The pictures of Naga Chaitanya’s marriage goes viral!

What? These 2 stars are getting married? Is this something serious? When did this happen? Where was the wedding? Who all were invited? OMG! Confused right? Relax and calm down.

This is not the real wedding but the reel wedding.

When Naga Chaitanya’s wedding picture came out in the open, everyone was in shock as to when and where all of this happened, but this was only for his upcoming movie and nothing else. For his upcoming movie ‘Premam’ which is the telugu remake of a hit malyalam movie which also has the same title. There was a wedding scene in the movie in goa, recently, and the picture is of one of the shooting scenes. Almost the complete cast and crew were present at this shooting schedule.

Naga Chaitanya’s Marriage Pic Goes Viral

The female alongside Chaitanya is Madonna Sebastian who was also there in the original malyalam movie, she is playing one of the female lead in the telugu flick as well. But as per the reports, Shruthi Hassan is the female lead of the movie, then why is Madonna Sebastian is tieing the knot with Naga Chaitanya, lot of confusion. Well, you will only have to watch the movie to find out the climax of this romantic drama.

The director of the movie is Chandoo Mondeti who came into lime light with his movie ‘Karthikeya’

The male lead of the movie Chaitanya will also be having different looks for the movie. Also, Anupama Parmeshwaram will be seen in the telugu flick who was there in the malyalam movie as well.

Well, we hope that this romantic drama turns to be the best one this year and all the confusion that has been created with the viral picture of the wedding is clear now. #realorreel