Mahesh Gets Intense


Mahesh Gets Intense

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Every time a Mahesh Babu movie is announced, it becomes a storm in Tollywood. Such is the brand image of Mahesh Babu. It does not matter who is the director, who is the heroine and all other details. Because every one is concerned about only one factor: that’s ‘Mahesh Babu’. We already got news that Mahesh Babu is busy wrapping up ’1  Nenokkadine’ and will soon sign off ’1  Nenokkadine movie. In spite of taking long schedules Sukumar is said to be quite relaxed and confident about the movie.

The courage behind Sukumar ‘s confidence is the ability of Mahesh Babu in creating intense performances on screen. Either its Pokiri or Businessman or Dookudu or Athadu, Mahesh Babu has exhibited all types of emotions right from seriousness, sentiment, comedy, romance, dances, etc. But what stands out in Mahesh Babu is his unique ability to exude a certain special kind of intense. Just look at Mahesh Babu’s eyes in emotional scenes. You will experience a volcano of intense expressions. It seems there is no dearth for such intense episodes and scenes in ’1  Nenokkadine’ on which Sukumar is banking for making movie a super hit. Sukumar has been trying to give a new stylish look for Mahesh Babu in this flick. Have a look at this exclusive pic from ’1  Nenokkadine’. You will experience the intense emotion of Superstar Mahesh Babu yourself. But to experience the intensity of Mahesh Babu in full flow, we have to wait till Sankranti.