Is Ram Charan Avoiding Allu Aravind?


Is Ram Charan Avoiding Allu Aravind?

Currently, the rumour which has been circulating across the social media is mega actor Ram Charan is circumventing producer Allu Aravind. This in sequence is said to be disturbing the pair’s movie, Telugu remake of blockbuster Tamil movie “Thani Oruvan.” The news about this is that Allu Aravind is producing this Telugu remake with the hero Ram Charan but, has is not showing interest towards this movie and eventually not participated in the shoot of the movieactively which is produced by Geetha Arts.

According to some sources, Ram Charan has reportedly packed up the shoot abruptly for a couple of times. Sometimes, he even bunked the shoot at the last minute which in turn bring about in the dissatisfaction from the popular Tamil actor Aravind Swamy who’s hovered all the way to Hyderabad especially for the movie shoot.

Is Ram Charan Avoiding Allu Aravind

As Aravind Swamy’s been quite popular actress, there are no available dates of him to sign for other films. Despite of his busy schedule, he has signed to act in the remake of Thani Oruvan in Telugu starred by Ram Charan. Even the dates were limited; he was paid an explosive remuneration for doing this film.

But, the problem now lies with Charan. Due to Ram Charan, the schedule is being postponed and cancelled and Aravind Swamy had to return back without finishing the shooting. Besides this, Charan is apparently saying implausible clarification for his nonappearance. Previously, the film’s cinematographer Aseem Mishra, who is one of the prominent cameramen in the country, walked out of the project mentioning postponements.

Even though the precise explanations for variances between Ram Charan and Allu Aravind are not yet revealed. But, it’s rumored that Sarainodu is reportedly the intention behind Charan’s behavior. In the recent audio launch of Oka Manasu, Charan has handily evaded his presence when Allu Arjun was on stage.