If Hrithik And Charan Can, Why Not Me? – Anchor Anasuya


If Hrithik And Charan Can, Why Not Me? – Anchor Anasuya

If Hrithik And Charan Can Why Not Me Anchor Anasuya

Anchor Anasuya is known for her straightforward talk most of the time. She just speaks her mind and heart, even if it costs her heavy backlash from movie lovers.

After facing brickbats for announcing that she rejected dancing with Pawan Kalyan in “Attarintiki Daredi”, the hot and happening anchor talks about the criticism for her hot-acts on silver screen as she is married.

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Speaking in a news channel’s live talk show today, Anasuya made some funnily yet thought provoking comments. “Many people troll me for acting on small screen even after marriage and having kids”, confirms Anasuya, saying that she is enjoying when fans call her as “aunty”, because she feels she is hot even though married and having kids.

But she asks, “If my favourites like Hrithik and Charan are acting even after their marriage, why shouldn’t I? Marriage shouldn’t deter career prospects right?”, hitting right on the bull’s eye.

If senior starlets like Aishwarya Rai, Sridevi and Sonali Bendre could rock the stage post marriage, why not Anasuya? Go ahead girl!!