Dasari’s Satires on Director Puri and Distributors


Dasari’s Satires on Director Puri and Distributors

Today is the birth anniversary of most popular and legendary director Dasari Narayana Rao. On the eve of his birthday, May 4th, senior director Dasari Narayana Rao, he had arranged a press meet with the media wherein he shared some of his views with the media and even passed some comments on the distributors Vs the crazy director Puri Jagannath issue.

One of the senior-most directors, Dasari Narayana Rao who is quite prevalent for making sensational comments on heroes particularly every time he targets Mega heroes. He grabs everyone’s attention by making satirical comments on the upcoming heroes and heroines, but now he targeted a director. This time he made comments on that director who he admired previously and announced as his directional heir.

Dasari’s Satires on Director Puri and Distributors

Dasari targets Director Puri

Dasari, on the eve of his birthday made satirical comments on the directors who have announced to make pure love stories. He said that the movies which are coming these days under the name of love story don’t look like a movie related to love. Instead of showing more about love in such movies, the movie makers are mostly focussing on the lust.

Without mentioning the name of anyone, Dasari said that three decades back, heroes and directors used to willingly offer dates again to the same producer when a movie flops at the box office so that they could recompense with the new film. But, if the fatalities are almost 20 to 30% then distributors had no choice to raise question as no matter what can happen in business.

Adding to the comments, Dasari also added that if heroes like Rajinikanth, Pawan Kalyan, and Mahesh Babu have returned back their remunerations, then it must be their issue and there is no rule for everyone to do the same. But, when distributors approach any hero or director to compensate in case of hefty losses, they should harmoniously resolve the issue instead of generating a rumpus. This shows that Dasari had made sensational comments indirectly on Puri and other popular heroes in support of the distributors.