Bunny’s fans fraudulency revealed


Fraudulency Of Bunny’s Fan Clan Revealed!

Allu arjun aka Bunny is one of the top stars in the Tollywood at this point in time.  He has a huge fan base not only in the Telugu speaking states, but also in other states of the country.  He managed to win over the audience with his mesmerizing acting skills and his powerful dance steps.

He has very fewer setbacks in his movie carrier and is one of the most successful heroes so far.  With everything positive going on, there is something that is dragging his fortune a bit back and that is the fan clan of Bunny who are creating chaos lately.

Bunny’s fans fraudulency revealed

The fan clan of Allu Arjun is trying hard to put him on the top of everyone and is opting for wrong ways to do so.  Lately, this has become an issue.  Few fans of Allu Arjun, who share same thoughts for him have formed a group and are creating quite a lot of chaos in other hero’s audio launches and success meets.

All this started at the audio launch of Kumari 21F movie where the so called group has started shouting slogans of Allu Arjun without letting anyone on the stage to talk.  Even though bunny aint’ reacted on this issue, later he responded in Oka Manasu audio launch about Power star fans creating havoc in Sarrainodu success function.

Bunny’s fans fraudulency revealed

Not stopping with that, the so called fan clan of Bunny has recently involved in a fraud too.  SIIMA awards are going to take place and the voting lines have been opened.  To make their favorite hero win the best actor award for the year, they literally used a wrong path.  Mahesh and Prabhas are throwing a tough fight for each other and suddenly there is a rise in votes for Allu Arjun overnight.  Later the people who are tracking the voting have noticed that there was a bug in the voting and votes are being casted for Allu Arjun account using few IP addresses.  Later the bug was removed and the votes as well.

This is the first time that such a thing has happened and the fans should never go that far to see their hero in the top because this may affect their heroes name and fame.