Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review | First Day First Show Live Updates | Ram Charan Teja, Rakul Preet

Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review
Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review

25CineFrames Rating: 3/5

Release Date : Oct 16,2015
Starring : Ram Charan,Rakul Preet
Director : Srinu Vaitla
Producers : D.V.V.Danyya
Music Director   :   S.Thaman

Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee is probably one of the most awaited films in the recent past. Directed by Sreenu Vaitla, this film was much in news for mega star Chiranjeevi’s cameo. After a huge round of promotions, the film is finally out now. Let’s see how it is.

Analyzation of Movie in Various Aspects:

Type Of Movie (Genre) :

Action, Drama

Story :

Karthi(Ram Charan) is a stunt man who loves his family immensely and is ready to do anything for them. He even sacrifices his studies for his sister(Kriti Karbanda) and does all the right things to aid her studies.
Twist in the tale arises when his sister faces some undue problems from Jayraj(Sampath) and his son Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay). Rest of the story is as to how Karthi saves his sister from this mess and where does Riya(Rakul Preet) feature in all this set up.

Technical Aspects :

Thaman’s music is an added advantage as all the songs are superb. His background score is also good and elevates the film to a decent level. The way all the songs have been choreographed looks good and showcases Charan’s dancing skills. Screenplay by Sreenu Vaitla is decent in the first half but drags during the second.
Camera work is top notch and showcases the film in a superb light. The way all the songs have been shot needs a special mention. Production values are good and so are the fights. Coming to the director Sreenu Vaitla, he has done a decent job with the first half but could not narrate the second part in a entertaining way. However, he cleverly uses mega star’s cameo and ends the film on a positive note.

Plus Points :

Firstly, let’s start with mega star’s cameo. The legendary actor is a treat to watch on the big screen. The proceedings lighten up with Chiru’s entry and credit should go to Sreenu Vaitla for showcasing him in a thumping way. His cameo is a treat for all mega fans as Chiru’s screen presence is just amazing.
Ram Charan is a major asset to the film. Right from his dances to fights, Charan has done a superb job and carries the film on his shoulders. He is exceptionally good in all the emotional scenes with Kriti Karbanda. Charan’s chemistry with Rakul Preet is superb and the couple look dazzling on screen.
With Bruce Lee, Rakul has definitely reached the top league. She looks gorgeous as Riya and has been styled superbly. Her glamor coupled with her funny act is quite decent. Sampath does a decent job in his negative role. Rao Ramesh is making a habit of giving superb performances again and again.
First half of the film is pretty decent and has all the necessary elements which will be liked by everyone. Arun Vijay is superb in his negative role and makes a lasting impression in his debut film. He will be a good asset for Telugu films if he is cast in good roles.

Minus Points :

The tempo of the film drops drastically in the second half. After setting up the film nicely till the interval point, Sreenu Vaitla brings his typical comic formula and tries to elevate the film. But sadly, none of the comedy episodes click and stretches the film a bit.
Senior actors like Nadia and Tisca Chopra have nothing much to do in their roles and have been under utilized. Story of the film gets quite predictable and too many comedians spoil the fun to an extent. Narration takes a beating during this time as the proceedings get a bit slow until mega star’s entry.

Final Words :

On the whole, Bruce Lee is a decent family entertainer. Ram Charan’s mature performance, stunning songs and racy first half are solid assets. If you manage to sit through the average second half, you are surely going to love mega star’s entry at the end and come out with a smile on your face.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating : 3/5

Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Live Updates:

Updated at 11:05 PM

Treat for all mega fans.. movie done. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review

Updated at 11:00 PM

Time for the Mega Star’s entry now.. Chiru looks awesome.. thrills have been designed superbly. The film ends on a very promising note.

Updated at 10:53 PM

Twists revealed. Movie heading towards the climax now..

Updated at 10:48 PM

Yet another twist in the tale. A massive chase scene is on now.. Thrills are good

Updated at 10:41 PM

Time for the last song Bruce Lee.. Choreography is quite innovative

Updated at 10:30 PM

Ali makes an entry now.. Some typical Srinu Vaitla scenes are on now.

Updated at 10:28 PM

Scenese featuring Nadia and Brahmanandam are on now. Jabardhasth comedy team also makes an entry..

Updated at 10:20 PM

Some very interesting comedy scenes are being showcased now..

Updated at 10:14 PM

Here comes the one and only Brahmanandam.. Movie shifts into a comedy angle

Updated at 10:10 PM

Time for a change.. Bollywood actress Tisca Chopra makes an entry

Updated at 10:05 PM

Time for a romantic song ‘Le Chalo’.. Superb visuals and locations. Rakul Preet looks stunning

Updated at 09:50 PM

Post interval, Mukesh Rushi makes an entry now.

Updated at 09:36 PM

Interesting twist in the tale now. Superb interval twist. Interval now.

Updated at 09:29 PM

Movie heading towards interval..

Updated at 09:27 PM

Time for an emotional and major twist.. Some intense scenes are on between Charan and Arun Vijay.

Updated at 09:23 PM

Time for third song ‘Mega Meter’. Full on mass number… Thaman’s music is bang on and the masses will just love it..

Updated at 09:17 PM

Time for a small twist.. A fight is on now.. Jaya Prakash Reddy has also come in..

Updated at 09:07 PM

Time for the second song Riya Riya.. Rakul Preet looks gorgeous

Updated at 09:05 PM

Some funny romantic scenes between Rakul and Charan are on now..

Updated at 08:54 PM

Arun Vijay makes a stylish entry as the main villain Deepak Raj

Updated at 08:44 PM

Kriti Karbanda makes an entry as Charan’s sister.. Saptagiri has also come in..

Updated at 08:38 PM

Time for Ram Charan’s intro song ‘Run’.. Dances are just rocking..

Updated at 08:32 PM

Ram Charan makes a super stylish entry.. A massive fight is on now

Updated at 08:28 PM

Rakul Preet makes a simple entry

Updated at 08:26 PM

The movie has started on a flash back mode.. Rao Ramesh makes an entry

Updated at 08:22 PM

The entire star cast of Bruce Lee and the most happening celebs of Tollywood are present at the premiere..

Updated at 08:20 PM

The movie has just started with thanks cards to Megastar Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind. Movie is 153 min long..