Avunu Part 2 Perfect Sequel Theatrical Trailer ,Harshavardhan Rane, Poorna, Ravi Babu


Avunu Part 2 Theatrical Trailer ,Harshavardhan Rane, Poorna, Ravi Babu

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‘Avunu’, the critically acclaimed and commercially successful suspense thriller, was ended abruptly just because makers always wanted to make Part 2. To know what happened to the Lead Pair and Captain Raju, One has to watch this new version!

The trailer of ‘Avunu 2’ opens with saree-clad Poorna arranging things in house. Suddenly, A creepy creature enters the scene to send shivers down the spine. Promo ends with the screams of Poorna and a terrific background score.

Looking at the promo, One gets the feeling Avunu 2 is scarier than the original. The story of new version begins from where Avunu ended and that makes it a perfect sequel!

Poorna and Harshavardhan Rane are playing the lead role in ‘Avunu 2’. Ravibabu is wielding the megaphone and D Suresh Babu is producing it.