Akkineni Amala Rare Surprising Gift to Ram Charan, Upasna


Akkineni Amala Rare Surprising Gift to Ram Charan Upasna

Not several grasp the bonding between Akkineni and Mega families. Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna share sensible relation then their families. the excitement is that Amala Akkineni has gifted a camel to mega couple Ram Charan and Upsana.

Amala is a great animal lover then Charan, Upasna. amazed by this large gift, Charan and Upasna welcome their new guest with love. Charan and Upasna adopted this little camel and taking care of it. It’s learnt that the camel was brought from the circus and it was gifted to Upasna by Amala.

This is not all. Charan and Upasna have a stud of horses at their farm house where the duo pay a top quality time with the pet animals. Charan personally likes spending time with horses as well as his favourite horse Kajal that was seen in Magadheera. Sharing the enjoyment, Ram Charan aforesaid, “I love spending time in farm house with horses. I forget time when I play with them.”