Love fights everything! Tarak, Alekya’s marriage nothing less than filmy drama


Love fights everything!

They say that love stories are made in heaven, its down over here that we need to make it happen.

One such love tale is of Tarak Ratna, grandson of NTR and his wife Alekya Reddy. Their wedding was like a movie love story where in they had to fight against everybody to make it actually happening, and yes, they eloped.

Even after their families not getting convinced for the wedding, the last option with which they were left was to elope and get married. In regards Alekya said, ‘ We met through a common friend. Tarak was in fact my sister’s senior in school in Chennai. Later, we met in Hyderabad.’

Love fights everything! Tarak, Alekya’s marriage nothing less than filmy drama

Tarak, Alekya’s marriage nothing less than filmy drama

She added,’ He fell in love first. We were just good friends, later he proposed to me and I asked him to talk to my parents. They were not okay with it because there is a big taboo regarding the film industry. Even Tarak’s parents were against it because I was a divorcee. I myself wasn’t very sure of getting married.’

Then, the angel in her life was her uncle Mr. Vijay Sai Reddy who helped her with this.

Tarak and Alekya eloped and got married at the Sanghi Temple in Hyderabad on 2nd of august 2012. They say that this decision was very difficult for them. There were only Alekya’s sisters, Neha and Shakti and a couple of friends who were present at the wedding. Tarak and Alekya were blessed with Nishka, their daughter, in the year 2013.

Now, in today’s date things are good at Alekya’s side but not at Tarak’s side. His side, his family is still angry with him because he have crossed all the rules of the family in order to get married to his love.

Well, we hope that things get fine soon at Tarak’s side. As we say, there is nothing that can beat love in this world, so hopefully, everything will be fine soon and both the families will accept each other with open hands full of love.