Why Ileana Rejected to act in Balayya’s 100th Movie??


Balayaa’s 100th movie

Nandamuri Balakrishna is an Indian film actor and politician known for his works exclusively in the telugu cinema. He is the sixth son of telugu actor and former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. He entered the film industry as a child actor at the age of 14 with the film Tatamma Kala. In his over all career he acted in and over 99 films, in a variety of role now he is set for his 100th movie.

His 100th movie will be based on historic film which is named as “Gautamioutra Satakarni”, the movie is based on the most powerful ruler of Satavahana dynasty at the village which was one the strongest kingdom.

Why Ileana Rejected to act in Balayya’

Why Ileana Rejected to act in Balayya’s 100th Movie

The movie will be directed by Krish, it has been many year that balakrishna had featured in a mythological film. Balakrishna feels so lucky to do this character because he will de defining the history of Andhra State which has three chapters namely The Salivahana era, The Freedom Struggle and thirdly entry of NTR into politics.

Recently the formal Launch of this movie was celebrated in a grand manner, the cast and crew of the film has finalized everything expect heroine. Makers of the movie are searching for the lead actress name Tollywood Actresses names have been heard from Buzz. Nayanthara, Kajal Agarwal , Ileana wer among them.

All the three Actresses turned down the offer for this film, Recently Nayanthra turned it down because of unavailability of dates in the month of September, Ileana has also turned down this offer because she feels that this role demands a mature look. She also prefers to come back again in Telugu with a glamorous role rather than Historic role.

A report says we will see Balakrishna in a younger look. The Director Devi Prasad is Giving Music for this Movie and it is expected to release in 2017.

The makers are still in hunt for the lead Actress, the hunt goes on for a while, stay tuned for more updates