What happened to Actress Shruti Haasan’s Voice?


Actress Shruti Haasan’s Lost her Voice?

What happened to Actress Shruti Haasan's Voice
Probably once the “Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali” question, the most popular question within the social circuits is “What Happened To Shruti’s Voice”. this can be about actress Shruti Haasan and also the interviews she has given to numerous TV channels few days back.

Listening to Shruti’s voice on TV created it clear that she’s not fine. Her voice to too broad and husky, and lost that sweet charm. Some say she’s down with fever and throat infection because of her continuous shootings. it’s known that Shruti visited Italy to shoot for Ajith’s movies’ songs and then came to Tamilnadu to work on another film, from wherever again she visited Mumbai for work and came back to Hyderabad for srimanthudu promotions, all in a week.

This talanted actress should focus on her health, because it’s something tough to get back unlike cash and fame. Happy health to you Shruti Haasan.