Top 5 Tollywood Heros property wise


Top 5 Tollywood Actors property wise

In south India Tollywood Industry is the second richest film Industry, Many super heroes have their own production houses and own business. While Tollywood comes after Bollywood Film Industry, The pay or remuneration which the Tollywood actors receive is  very High amount, they get paid in crore of Rupees for each film, It is also known that the Tollywood actors are also known by a Successful Business man, the fees which Tollywood actors receive they also get Additional bonus amount as a share from the business of the cinema, up tp 30 to 40 percent the actors receive from film business which also depends upon the budget of the movie, it is also rumored that the Actual remuneration is much higher which is mentioned over here.

So the top 5 Tollywood actors property wise a listed below

  • Nagarjuna Akkineni

Nagarjuna is on the top of the list, he is also known as most successful Business man than actor, Nagarjuna’s estimated property is more than 3000 crore which also includes the Annapurna Studios, properties in Bangalore and other field, The properties which inherited from his father were developed by him and today it values very High

Top 5 Tollywood Heros property wise

  • Ram Charan Tej

He is the son Of Chiranjeevi, who is born with Gold, Ram charan got more richer after getting married to Upsana, the Grand Daughter of Apollo Hospitals Chairman, It is said that He holds more than 2,800 crore of property.

  • Jr NTR

Jr NTR holds more than 1000 crore of property, He does not hold any business, he started to invest in is brothers production house, he is one of the highest paid actor in Tollywood industry

  • Nandamuri Bala Krishna

He is known as all rounder, he also hold property more than 800 crore. A report said that Bala Krishna Inherited properties from his father, His movies was the superhits movies in Tamil and Telugu Industry, he acquired many properties during late 90’s but today the property fancy a huge price

  • Mahesh Babu

He is one the top Paid actor in Tollywood Industry, His family owns Padmalya Studios which is situated in the coolest area of the city. He is the top 5th actor and he also started taking share from his movies, his last movie did well at the Box Office.