Telugu Music Director Rejected Rajamouli’s Offer


Telugu Music Director Rejected Rajamoulis Offer

Rajamouli is famous for his exceptional movies. One of the interesting fact about his movies is, he has been roping in same music director “MM Keeravani” for all his films, ever since he came into the film industry. From Student No.1 till Bahubali, all the films are composed by Keeravani.

But Kalyan Koduri revealed an interesting fact about Rajamouli film. He said “Rajamouli asked me to compose music for his Student No.1 film, but I denied with him as I didn’t come across with such a big project”. He said, if the combination would have materialized, then he might have become a top music director of South Indian Film Industry. Kalyan also added telling that, he lost the opportunity but he have no regrets because, those projects are handled by his brother MM Keeravani.