Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee “Panchayati” at Telugu Film Chamber


Ram Charan Bruce Lee Panchayati at Telugu Film Chamber

Really a sad news to Mega fans. The disaster fate of bruce lee not appears to leave its makers anytime soon. whereas it’s declared because the second straight Telugu disaster in Ram Charan’s career, trade reports have it that distributors are suffering immense losses. sold for a walloping Rs 55 crore, the film is still struggling to achieve Rs 40 crore share. patrons who bought theatrical rights of bruce lee, estimated to lose chunk of their investment in several centers.

Deterred by the film’s faring at the Box office, patrons of bruce lee appear to have decided not to give up. the most recent is they have camped in at the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce in Film Nagar and apparently mounting pressure on its producers to compensate their losses.

Mega camp too swiftly entered into scene and apparently assured to form it up with another film. this is maybe declared as 1st time a mega film is undergoing such settlement as there’s high pressure from its distributors. Meanwhile, talks are still going on between both parties. A positive outcome is expected.