Rajendra Prasad’s Satires and Punches To Artist Hema


Rajendra Prasad’s Satires and Punches To Artist Hema

Rajendra Prasad's Satires and Punches To Artist Hema

We all grasp the sort of high drama artist Hema created at a TV channel’s office throughout the campaign of the recently ended MAA elections. The actress, who alleged that senior actor Sivaji Raja abused her, was in no mood to budge till Sivaji Raja apologized. The incident perfectly make us known the differences between the celebs within the TFI.

Today, the recently shaped executive committee of the Movie Artistes’ Association came into existence once a swearing in ceremony and speaking on the occasion, Rajendra Prasad President of MAA created few sarcastic comments on Hema and her ill-famed rumpus. Rajendra Prasad checked out Hema and aforementioned in his usual satirical tone that he won the competition due to Hema’s mid-night time brawl at the TV channel’s news station.

Rajendra Prasad has been quite prickly in his speeches following his election because the president. However, all the fighting actors have reiterated the very fact that they’re all members of the large Tollywood family which they are doing not boast any ill will among every others.