Puri Jagannadh says,” Heroes should take risk rather than doing Remakes”!


There is remake fever seen in Tollywood these days and starting from the top rated actor to medium rated actor, all are doing remake films in the industry. There are lots more to do in the industry and the industry welcomes new talent in all ways and can drag in new ideas, stories, and fresh scripts. But there is a follow up to if one remake movie has done marvelous on the screen, then it becomes the trend nd everyone starts following the same track and very few do startup thinking to create a new track. The same is seen in Tollywood these days.

 The director Puri Jagan ha recently given an interview with India glitz and he talks about his directorial movie “ISM” and says that he is super confident about the film. The director has never worked on remake film nd feels that rather than doing remakes it is best to stand with the own one and make it for others to do the same. The director also says that if the hero is confident about himself, then he should go with taking the risks rather than doing the remakes.

He has opened bout in deep about the movie “ISM” slated for the release on October 21st, 2016 and when asked for Kalyan Ram’s transformation in terms of his appearance and dimensions, he has given his view saying that it is cool and he also expects his heroes to be fit and healthy.  He was also seen talking about why “Jana Ganna Mana “with Mahesh Babu is being delayed and also spoke about what Abhishek Bachchan felt about Temper movie and NTR’s performance along with the Actress Aditi Arya efforts in the film ISM.  You can watch the video on the social networking site to know the detailed gossip of the interview.