Prathinidhi Movie Review



Prathinidhi Movie Review


25CineFrames Rating: 3/5

Release Date : 25/04/2014
Starring : Nara Rohit, Shubra Aiyappa, Kota Srinivasa Rao
Director : Prashanth Mandava
Producers : J Samba Siva Rao
Music Director   :   Chakri



Analyzation of movie in various aspects:

Nara Rohith’s ‘Prathinidhi’ has released today across the world. The movie has been promoted with good teasers and the present political situation should help matters. Let us check out the film now.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is just about OK. Editor has done an average job. Dialogues deserve special mention as they have been written well.
Prashanth Mandava’s direction is a mixed bag. He handled some scenes very well but could not sustain the tempo in other sequences.

Story :

Srinu ( Nara Rohith) is a man with a mission. Fed up with political corruption and other issues, he decides to kidnap the CM (Kota Srinivasarao) to make a statement. To achieve this, he uses Sreekar (Sree Vishnu),who is the son of a minister (Giribabu).
Srinu cleverly comes up with a plan and finally manages to kidnap the CM. The entire country is shocked and Commissioner Posani Krishna Murali handles the communication. Srinu makes some strange demands in order to free the CM.
He wants the Government to cancel 500 and 1000 rupee notes and print fresh currency devoid of current template. He also wants small change from transactions to be transferred to CM relief fund, for benefit of society.
People and media make Srinu a hero but the police uncover some secrets. Is the person really Srinu or is he a Ghost? What is Sreekar’s role in the kidnap?
That is the story of this movie.

Plus Points :

Nara Rohith gives a brilliant performance as the guy who is vexed with the system. He has displayed a lot of maturity in acting and his dialogue delivery is excellent as always.
Kota Srinivasa Rao is perfect as the CM. He initially shows frustration and later compassion after learning the truth. Posani brings in much needed comedy relief as the Commissioner.
Sri Vishnu is improving with every film as an actor and he has done well in this movie. Ravi Prakash is decent. Jayaprakash Reddy is routine but OK.
Political scenes and interval block are very good. Some of the dialogues drew whistles and claps in the theaters. Short running time is also a big plus point. Emotional quotient has worked well in pre -climax episodes.

Minus Points :

Its not so easy to kidnap a CM who enjoys Z+ security. Perhaps, some time could have been devoted to make it more realistic. Police Department is also made to look very incapable.
The only duet in the film is a nuisance and nothing more. It could have been avoided. Romantic track between hero and heroine is also boring.
Shubra Ayyappa is not heroine material. At least not with this look and performance.
There is no mainstream comedy or entertainment in the movie, so it may not work very well in Overseas centers.

Final Words :

‘Prathinidhi’ is a very promising concept but the movie ends up as just an OK film as it has been let down by a poor heroine, average execution and unnecessary scenes. The present political mood in state should ensure revenues.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating : 3/5

Prathinidi Live Updates

12:37 PM : This leads to the Climax! Review will follow soon folks. Keep watching don’t go away stay tune with us.

12:35 PM : The kidnap drama comes to an end.

12:20 PM : A solid twist in the movie. The police department and the politicans are realised about the seems that the story is shifting towards the climax

12:15 PM : Kidnapper are trying to explain their motive behind kidnap of Kota Srinivasrao (CM).

12:10 PM : Few sentimental scenes are running with kidnap on the screen.

11:40 AM : We are back after a small interval break. The movie started with the public support towards the kidnapper.

11:26 AM : It’s time for a small break….Stick to we will be back. Don’t go away.

11:25 AM : With a small twist the movie shifted to the Interval.

11:22 AM : Actor Posani Krishna Murali has entertaining the audience with his punch dialogues

11:20 AM : The story shifted to the present. The kidnappers demanded some interesting demands to release Kota Srinivasrao (CM)

11:15 AM : The first song ‘Choopullo Paravasam’ is on the way. The song is between Nara Rohit and Shubra Ayyapa

11:10 AM : Some Romantic scenes are running between Nara Rohith and Shubra Ayyapa

11:05 AM : Nara Rohit is imitating Prince Mahesh babu

10:55 AM : Actress Shubra Ayyapa has been introduced in the flashback, she looks gorgeous on the screen.

10:50 AM : Up to now the movie was running cool. Suddenly the story has been shifted to the flash back mode.

10:45 AM : Posani Krishna Murali has been introduced as a police officer. The entire police department went into shock with the kidnap of state CM.

10:40 AM : Senior actor Kota Srinivasa Rao has been introduced as a Chief Minister and he was kidnapped.

10:30 AM : Our hero Nara Rohit has been introduced in a simple way, he looks dynamic.

10:25 AM : Statutory warning-Cigarette smoking and Alcohol drinking is injurious to health. With Nara Rohit’s background voice.

10:20 AM : The theater is almost full, some commercial ADD’s are running on the screen.

10:15 AM : Hi fans Good Morning!! We are bringing you the much awaited movie of Nara Rohit’s “Prathinidi” live updates from Prasads IMAX. The show is starting in few minutes…