Pawan Kalyan makes Chiranjeevi fans happy!


Pawan Kalyan makes Chiranjeevi fans happy!

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Pawan Kalyan makes Chiranjeevi fans happy!
Pawan Kalyan may not be in good terms with Chiranjeevi, but he has never hidden his love and respect towards him. He may not have mentioned Chiranjeevi for the sake of mentioning him, but whenever he wants to express his heartfelt thanks to his brother, Pawan did it without any hesitation. His speech at Gopala Gopala audio launch came as a surprise to many ‘exclusive’ Chiru fans, who were not happy with Powerstar staying away from the Megastar.

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Pawan Kalyan said that he thought of going away into the forest at a point of time. But he came to Hyderabad instead when he got a call from his brother. He also used to do yoga and meditation all the time and never did any hard work. He woke up and started to work hard only after Chiranjeevi told him to work hard and preach.

Pawan Kalyan who doesn’t talk much in public events has spoken at length and he has mentioned his Annayya numerous time much to the delight of Mega fans. This shows that the bonding between the brothers is still intact irrespective of their political ideologies. Let’s hope that this speech of Pawan Kalyan brings all the mega fans together again.
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