Nani reveals interesting details about Gentleman


Yes to Gentlemen!

There are very less amount of movies that get an immediate yes from the actor. The movie must touch the heart and soul of the actor, only then any actor agrees to be a part of the movie.

Earlier, we have given you the news of the upcoming Tollywood movie Gentlemen which which will unite the young by heart actor Nani and the director Indraganti Mohan Krishna. The first look poster was also released later on the occasion of Sri Ram Navami festival. The movie Gentlemen is done with its shooting. The female leads of the movie are Surabhi and Nivedita Thomas. Mani Sharma have given the music composition for the movie. The movie is being released with the purpose of thorough entertainment and is a must watch movie.

Nani reveals interesting details about Gentleman

Nani is very busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie, Gentlemen and is busy giving interviews all over, and the most interesting part that he mentioned in all the interviews was how he gave an immediate nod to this movie. He gave an immediate yes to the movie and the shooting schedule was also started in that speed. Once the director of the movie Mohana Krishna explained him the final draft, then yes, after that, Nani decided that he want to do the movie at any cost.

All the fans are eagerly waiting for the release and the movie’s grand release in US is like an icing on the cake. Yes, you have heard it right. This movie is one of the very rare movies which is going to be release in US in a very grand way.

Well, we wish good luck to Nani and the complete cast and crew of the movie Gentlemen and pray that this movie will break all the records.