Mega Fans Should Watch ‘Temper’


Mega Fans Should Watch ‘Temper’

Mega Fans Should Watch Temper

For a film to become hit, not just particular hero’s fans but every movie lover should watch. But it is now being propagated that Mega fans should watch “Temper” at any cost? And that promoter is none other than Ram Gopal Varma. Check this story.

Of course, as said and done, Jr NTR showcased heroism like never before. Thanks to Puri Jagan’s powerful characterisation and conceiving of scenes even though story is simple. He etched stunning scenes to give goose bumps to cine lovers. After watching the movie today again, Ramu hinted that there is no better director than Puri Jagan to direct Megastar’s 150th Movie.

“After seeing Temper, I feel there can’t be a better director than Jagan for Chiranjeevi gaaru’s 150th film. No one can give better heroism and dialogue for a hero than Jagan”, said Ramu, adding that all mega fans should watch “Temper” to believe what he is saying. “Megastar’s 150th film with Jagan will become Megafilm”, he concluded.

For the now we could say that Ramu is not promoting either Temper or his disciple Puri Jagan, but seriously Megastar could think this director as one of his best option. What say mega fans?