Mary Kom (Priyanka Chopra) Movie Review

Mary Kom Movie Review


25CineFrames Rating: ?/5

Release Date : 05/09/2014
Starring : Priyanka Chopra,Sunil Thapa
Director : Omung Kumar
Producers : Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Music Director   :   Shashi-Shivamm



After the story of Milkha Singh was showcased on the big screen, the next athlete whose story had to be told, is boxing champion Mary Kom. Director Omung Kumar and producer Sanjay Leela Bansali have teamed up for the Mary Kom biopic, starring the National Award Winning actress Priyanka Chopra. The movie hits the theatres today. Let’s see how it turns out to be…

Analyzation of movie in various aspects:


Story :

Mary Kom (Priyanka Chopra) aims to be a boxer since her childhood, but her father is against her taking up boxing. She still goes against his wishes and takes up boxing. She learns quickly under the guidance of her coach M Narjit Singh (Sunil Thapa). Soon she goes from winning one title to another making India and her family proud.

Her coach abandons her when she decides to marry. Soon after her marriage and kids, her professional life takes a back seat. However, with the help of her supportive husband, she gets back into the ring.

But will she be able to fight the same way she used to? What happend to her in her journey. Forms the rest of the story…

Technical Aspects :

The movie lacks immensely in the technical department. The direction by Omung is not up-to-the mark. He has not put in any effort to make the film his best debut. In fact the weak direction also make the characters appear dull at a few places. The songs of the film are just average and leave no impact as such.

Another irritating factor about the film are the in-the-face advertisements. The actors are seen promoting a product or brand in every scene of the film. The screenplay of the film jumps awkwardly and the editing is too week.

Plus Points :

The obvious fact remains that until the actor playing the protagonist looks, talks and walks like the athlete, then the whole point of making a biopic goes into the bin. Keeping this in mind, Priyanka Chopra has done full justice to her job. She acts amazingly well and her hard work and determination shows completely in the film. Hats off to the make-up artist, who made her look somewhat, if not mostly, like Mary.

Even her coach played by Sunil Thapa and her husband in the film, actor Darshan Kumar put enough effort to do justice to their respective roles. The last twenty minutes of the film with the training session and the last match was the only interesting part of the film.

Minus Points :

Biopics are usually about the character’s untold story that need to come out in public, however here, the case is completely opposite. Debutante Omung focuses more on telling the story that is already known, rather than giving more emphasis on her personal struggles and her rise in the boxing field.

The first half is only filled with her boxing matches and also contain a few incomplete elements of Mary’s life, from her childhood to her own pregnancy. Merely a few minutes in the movie and Priyanka has already become a three time world champion.

The second half on the other hand has a few unbelievable elements including the part where Mary’s husband tells her about her son’s illness just before her match.

Final Words :

On a whole, a legend like Mary Kom surely deserved a film that told her story for struggle and sacrifice in the best way possible. And unlike other biopics made in bollywood, this film, however is nothing close to being epic. Only for Priyanka and her hard work, this one deserves a one time watch.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating : ?/5