Majnu Movie Review Rating Public Talk – Nani, Anu Emmanuel


Majnu Movie Review

majnu25cineframes Rating: 3.25/5

Release date September 23rd, 2016
Starring Nani, Anu Emmanuel
Director Virinchi Varma
Producers P. Kiran, Geetha Golla
Music Director Gopi Sunder


Majnu Movie Review Rating

Majnu is a romantic comedy movie directed by Virinchi Varma.  The movie got released into the theaters on 23rd September, 2016.  The movie features Natural Star Nani in the male lead role and Anu Emmanuel in female lead role.  Anu is debuting into Tollywood with Majnu.  Gopi Sunder scored music for his rom com.  The movie is produced by P. Kiran and Geetha Golla.  After delivering back to back hits with Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha and Gentleman Nani has once again came up with a youthful love story.

Majnu Movie Story

Aditya played by Nani is a fun loving character.  He falls head over heels in love with Kiran which is played by Anuy Emanuel.  He tries his best to make her fall for him and finally succeeds to do so.  Everything goes smooth until between them, but suddenly due to some reasons they two say breakup.  Nani will go to Hyderabad and moves on in life.  He then meets a girl Suma played by Priya Shri and falls for her.  He shares his love story with her and she eventually falls for him too.  While the love story is like this, he finds out that Suma is Kiran’s own cousin.  What will he do? How will he handle both the girls?  Who will he stick to is something to watch on big screen.

Plus points

  • In Nani films, Nani himself is a biggest plus point. He is the biggest asset for the movie.  He delivered each and every emotion in the finest way.
  • Anu Emanuel is looked gorgeous all throughout the flick. She gave a decent performance.
  • Vennela Kishore’s role is too much fun to watch.
  • Very good to hear one liners and hilarious punches from the writer.
  • The film has a happy ending and it will be well accepted by the audience.

Minus points

  • The twist in the flick is good, but is predictable at the same time.
  • The way Nani chooses his first love over the second could have been showcased in a much better way.

Technical aspects

  • The production values of the flick were supremely high and that can be seen on big screen.
  • Cameraman Gyanasekhar has done a fabulous camerawork for this flick.
  • Notable dialogues and when heard from Nani they seemed super excellent.
  • Very decent music from Gopi Sunder.
  • Director Virinchi Varma is someone to look forward for. He has very good skills in directing.

Final Verdict

Fill this weekend with entertainment watching Majnu movie.  Do watch this romantic comedy entertainer and enjoy Nani performance to the fullest.

Rating: 3.25/5