May 20th 2016, the movie of the famous star Mahesh Babu has hit the theaters . the movie is been directed by Srikantha Addala. Movie is a complete family entertainment with Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Pranitha Subhash, jayasudha, Revathi Pamesh and Satyaraj playing roles in the movie. The star cast is awesome and exciting to watch.

Talking about the reviews of the movie, mixed reactions are coming out. Few like the movie and many dint. Not turning out to be a positive response and not much encouragement among the audience is also seen. Though the movie is been produced by Prasad , the movie did not seems to open up in the hearts and eyes of the audience.

Mahesh Babu Hilarious Steps In Brahmotsavam Movie Goes Viral

Brahmotsavam Trimmed Down By 18 Mins with Flop Talk Effect

It is said that the movie is been prolonged and slow screenplay leaves the audience uninterested. Dragged dailouges and heavy emotional scenes has spoiled the fun of the movie. This made the makers take a decision to cut few scenes and trim the movie by 18minutes.

Earlier the movie was 156 minutes , and now after taking the decision to cut short the length , it is said that the movie has been cut short by 18 min. unwanted heavy dialogues and sceens is been deleted by which the audience felt over sentiments were put in the movie.

The movie is been screened worldwide and the latest trimmed version is also running from today on the screen. Disappointed team of the movie rectified the issue and took serious action hoping to bring the excitement among the audience to go and see the flick. No doubt, the music and songs of the movie are been liked , the scenes from the second half of the movie are trimmed.
we wish the very best for the movie!