Mahesh Babu to return part of Brahmotsavam Remuneration


The latest movie of the Prince Mahesh Babu is Brahmotsavam and it has been released on 22 May, 2016. It has a very good talk before the release of the movie and many of the fans and people thought that it is going to be a very big blockbuster. The investors for the movie also have invested a lot for the movie and thought they would be getting a huge profit for this movie, but once the movie has released then everything turned out to be wrong and the movie is not up to the mark as expected by everyone.

mahesh babu

As the movie has not resulted in profits, so the hero Mahesh Babu has decided to give back a part of his remuneration for the investors back so as to cover up some loss. He is sure of it and is going to give it back in soon. As hero of the movie, Mahesh Babu has received 18 crores as remuneration and 7 crores as table profit as produced. So overall he took 25 crores for the Brahmotsavam movie. As the movie hasn’t get any profits Mahesh Babu thought it is his responsibility to help them up to cover the loss and so he is giving back some amount to the investors.

The movie hypes that have come up previous before release are not really matched the movie when it is released and it also did hurt the fans too. Recently the Indian Express have published somewhat criticizing this matter about Mahesh Babu and the fans has been reacted to it seriously and that instant they have fired the one who published that article and the next day they have apologized for that in their newspaper. There has been a 50 percent of loss for the Nizam distributor as per the news.