Mahesh Babu opens up on rejecting ’24’ Movie and ‘Brahmotsavam’ failure,


Mahesh Babu opens up on rejecting ’24’ Movie and ‘Brahmotsavam’ failure

Superstar Mahesh Babu has finally revealed some unknown news regarding the movie ‘24’. He revealed that he had rejected the movie ‘24’ which was initially offered by the director Vikram Kumar and given opportunity to the director Srikanth Addala to make the film, “Brahmotsavam” which remained as a flop at the worldwide box office.

Prince Mahesh Babu had been quite busy with the production and promotions for the film “Brahmotsavam” all these months. Now, he has taken a long break from all the movie making activities. After the release of Brahmotsavam movie, recently he went on a holiday trip to London along with his family. Before departure, Mahesh Babu allegedly requested his die-hard fans and followers not to blame director Srikanth Addala for the failure of Brahmotsavam movie.

Mahesh Babu opens up on rejecting '24' Movie and 'Brahmotsavam' failure,

There is no mistake of the director to get all the blame for the failure of the movie. He announced that he wishes to take the responsibility for the failure of the movie and it was Mahesh Babu who had chosen Srikanth Addala as the director for the movie and it’s purely his error of judgment.

In another statement, Mahesh Babu revealed that director Vikram Kumar had originallycome up to him with the script of the recently-released super hit film “24,” but he ostensibly rejected the offer as he was quite not confident of doing justice to the triple roles in the movie. Meanwhile, he also opened up that it was he who had suggested Vikram to take Suriya as the lead role for the project.

Mahesh Babu told that he was quite interested in the subject of ‘24’ movie when initially heard from the director Vikram. Despite having interest in the project, he couldn’t envisage himself in the triple roles, especially as the antagonist Aathreya. He assumed that he might not be capable enough to do complete justice to all the three roles. That’s the reason, Mahesh Babu backed off.

The Superstar will return to the city on June 20 and commence shooting of his next movie, which will be directed by AR Murugadoss and produced by Tagore Madhu. According to some reports, this project could be the most expensive movie in the career of Mahesh, Babu, who is much-excited to begin the shooting of the film.