Mahesh Babu Koratala Siva’s new movie Title Is ‘Zameendar’


Mahesh Babu Koratala Siva’s new movie Title Is ‘Zameendar’

Mahesh Babu Koratala Siva's new movie Title Is 'Zameendar'

Whenever a project of superstar Mahesh Babu is announced, there is a lot of hype and hoopla among the fans about the film’s title. They want to be absolutely sure that it matches the stamina and charisma of their favorite prince. Now, it is known that Mahesh is busy with the shooting of his new movie.

This is being directed by Koratala Siva and till now, there was a strong talk that the film was titled as ‘Sreemanthudu’. However, the latest update is that the title has been changed to ‘Zameendar’. Inside talk is that this title is almost confirmed. Way back in 1965, a film with the same title came and scored a big hit.

It had the legendary ANR along with Krishnakumari and Savitri in the lead. It remains to be seen whether Mahesh’s ‘Zameendar’ would have any traces of it or if it is just an entirely new story. Well, we have seen ‘Pilla Zameendar’ in the form of natural talent Nani so let us see what this superstar ‘Zameendar’ will offer us.