Mahesh Babu is impressed by the Paidipally’s Concept


The ever charming and handsome hunk of the Tollywood Industry Prince Mahesh Babu has come up with his recent release of the Brahmotsavam movie. He is now up looking forward for his next movie and there is a buzz that Vamsi Paidipally has narrated few of the lines for Mahesh Babu to come up with a movie with him in the coming days. Mahesh Babu is really impressed and excited to listen to the concept and more likely is going to get his next movie with Paidipally.

mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu has congratulated Paidipally for his successful handling of the Oopiri movie that has been casted with Nagarjuna, Karthik and Tamanna Bhatia. Paidipally direction is very nice and Mahesh is impressed by it. He said that he like the lines that are narrated by Paidipally and he is interested in doing a movie with him. The full script is not yet ready and it is going to be finished very soon and we can likely expect this combination of Mahesh Babu and Paidipally to work together soon and come up with a very nice movie.

The movie is expected to be produced by the PVP. Paidipally after doing his last movie he has been to states and been there and in the mean while he has come up with ideas for the next film. Those are been narrated to Mahesh Babu and he thought he could handle it in a better way. In the further meetings they will be discussing more about the movie and will start it very soon. Any further information regarding the movie will be intimated for you by us over here. We will let you know once the official confirmation about film is given and the cast for the film has been decided.