Mahesh Babu discloses his likes for Hollywood !


Mahesh Babu discloses his likes for Hollywood !

BRAHMOTSAVAM , the upcoming movie of the former stars Mahesh Babu and Samantha, is on it ways to soon hit the silver screen. Promotions of the movie is started  whereas the hero Mahesh babu, who has his lakhs of fans all over the nation is also busy in giving interviews to promote his film.

Action speaks more than words” this phrase is well suited for Mahesh babu as he is known for talking less and performs more. He is not a charter box.

At recent interview with Gulte,  Mahesh babu discloses his favorite Hollywood  likes.

A question was asked to Mahesh babu in the interview to’ if given a chance, whose character would Mahesh babu play as a Hollywood super man?’ to which Mahesh babu answers that his is very much found of the super hero character “HULK” and if given a chance ,is anytime ready to play the part.

Mahesh’s take on Srikanth being away from the industry!

Mahesh Babu reveals his Hollywood likes

Mahesh babu is an all rounder .  He is great in his performance in reel life and also in real life. Making sure to spend quality time with his family, Mahesh babu also said that he also likes to watch “Avengers” with his kids and whenever finds times, keeps watching it all over again.

Interesting thing about Mahesh babu is that, in his last film entitled ‘srimanthudu’, he put forceful efforts to promote the film and also simultaneously seeks for the audience’s attention towards his film.

Mahesh babu is very much dedicated when it comes to work . An extra update is that Mahesh babu desires to date Hollywood actress DEMI MOORE. This shows his interest on Hollywood industry.

The advance booking of the movie ‘ Brahmotsavam ‘ is opened online and all the Mahesh Babu fan’s can go book the tickets online.