Mahesh Babu Appreciates Puri Jagannadh & Jr NTR Video Exclusive


Mahesh Babu Appreciates Puri Jagannadh & Jr NTR Video Exclusive

We have said long back that both director Puri Jagan and writer Vakkantam Vamsi should impress Mahesh Babu with “Temper”. Because Puri lost his Midas touch and luckily Businessman survived due to its low budget production. And Vakkantam isn’t part of any big blockbuster except Race Gurram, so he needs to prove his mettle with Temper script. So, what did Mahesh say about Temper? Had he watched it?

Speaking in a TV channel interview Puri Jagan revealed that indeed Mahesh Babu has watched Temper. “Mahesh called me after watching Temper and got excited about the flick. Also he spoke to Tarak and appreciated him”, said Puri Jagan. That clears the air that Mahesh got highly impressed with Jagan, so we could really expect the possibility of a Pokiri 2 or Businessman 2 very soon.

On the flip side, Vakkantam Vamsi was supposed to make his directional debut with Temper script but that never happened. Anyway, Puri Jagan mark screenplay and dialogues are two essential factors that pushed Temper towards brighter side and maybe Vakkantam need to focus on that aspect too. Anyway, wish him luck that stars like Mahesh will give him a direction chance very soon.

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