Magadheera’s Flop Show – Is Allu Arvind Listening?


Magadheera’s Flop Show – Is Allu Arvind Listening?

Magadheera's Flop Show - Is Allu Arvind Listening

It happens to be Ram Charan’s second flick in Telugu, which went on to become an industry hit. This young hero’s energy and performance not to mention Rajamouli’s creativeness had resulted in a stupendous box office success. Had Allu Arvind listened additional to Rajamouli during this connection, the profits would have shot up.

Like the way Baahubali is being planned for a simultaneous release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and malayalam, even Magadheera was purported to hit Tamil screens on same day. Somehow Allu Arvind is heard delaying the tamil release and it took almost 2 years for him to bring the dubbed version ‘Maveeran’ to screens. The film has just clocked 2 crores and sank with none trace.

‘Had we released the film at the earliest, with higher dubbing and quality mixing, then result would have been different’, says Rajamouli. that is the reason he’s dashing to unleash Baahubali in four languages at same time, as Keeravani could provides a fantastic output all promptly rather repeating method for each tinsel city at later times.

But the below average show of Magadheera in Tamil goes to harm Rajamouli forever, if we’ve got to scan from his statements. perhaps Allu Arvind ought to have believed his director rather his own instincts that any method made him the king of blockbusters.