Lovers Telugu Movie Review



Lovers Telugu Movie Review


25CineFrames Rating: 2.75/5

Release Date : 15/08/2014
Starring : Sumanth Ashwin, Nanditha
Director : Harinath
Producers : Suryadevara Nagavamsi,B. Mahendra Babu
Music Director   :   Jeevan Babu



Analyzation of movie in various aspects:

Sumanth Ashwin and ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ fame Nanditha have paired up for an romantic entertainer titled ‘Lovers’. Directed by debutante Harinath, this film is presented by Maruthi, who has also written screenplay and dialogues. This film has hit the screens today and let’s see how it is.

Type Of Movie (Genre) :


Story :

Siddhu (Sumanth Ashwin) and Geetha (Tejaswi), are a couple in their intermediate days. As time passes by, they break up, and Siddhu falls in love with Soumya (Shamili). Interestingly, Siddhu breaks up with Soumya too.
Later on, he joins engineering, and once again falls in love, but here too faces many difficulties. Twist in the tale comes when Siddhu comes to know that Chitra Subramanyam (Nandita) is the reason behind all his love failures.
Why is Chitra spoiling Siddu’s love life ? What is the relation between her and Siddu ? To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on silver screen.

Technical Aspects :

Malhar Bhatt Joshi’s cinematography is the major highlight of the film. He had showcased every location brilliantly. JB’s songs are very good, and so is his background score. Coming to editing, the editor should have taken more care, especially in the first half, where many scenes could have been easily chopped off.
Maruthi failed in providing a proper story for this film. Except for the dialogues which he wrote for Spathagiri, rest of them were just average, and so is his screenplay. Director Harinath somehow failed to engage the audience during the first half. The production values of this film look quite rich and have been shot well.

Plus Points :

The entire second half is the major highlight of this film. Saptagiri’s comedy is a major plus, and the audience enjoys it to the core. His entire track is excellent, and the spoof ‘Aaradugula Bullet’ is particularly hilarious. Sai, who does the hero’s friends role has also performed well.
Coming to Sumanth Ashwin, he does justice to his role with his decent performance. Nanditha also gives a good performance in a serious role, and looks beautiful. Tejaswi, Shamili, Chandini, even though they have tiny roles, they were decent enough. Comedian M S Narayana who played a Church father has also performed well.

Minus Points :

The biggest minus point of this film is its script, which does not have much depth. Maruthi has just tried handling this film, with basic screenplay and dialogues. The entire first half is boring and falls flat. Even the songs in the film cause a huge hindrance, and irritate the audience to the core.
Even though the female leads have performed well, their makeup and costumes were not in par with their characters. Climax has no justification, and the audience will not get connected to the love stories, as there is no chemistry between the leads.

Final Words :

On the whole, Lovers clicks only because of the entertaining second half, and Sapathagiri’s hilarious comedy. On the flip side, a lack lusture first half, and water thin story line, makes this film just a one time watch.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating :2.75/5