Lingaa Telugu Movie Review


Lingaa Telugu Movie Review


25CineFrames Rating: 2.5/5

Release Date : DEC 12,2014
Starring : RajiniKanth,Anushka,SonakshiSinha
Director : K.S.RaviKumar
Producers : Rockline Venkatesh
Music Director   :   A.R.Rahman



Analyzation of Movie in Various Aspects:

The wait is finally over as superstar Rajinikanth is back with Lingaa, after a long gap of four years. This big budget flick is directed by K S Ravi Kumar and stars Anushka and Sonakshi Sinha as the female leads. Released amidst huge fan fare, let’s now see how the film is.

Story :

Lingaa(Rajnikanth) is a small time thief who leads a carefree life. One fine day, Lakshmi(Anushka) from public TV meets Lingaa and asks him to inaugurate an ancient temple built by his grand father. Lingaa rejects her proposal saying that he is not interested in knowing about his family who have left him in deep poverty. But as he gets involved in a robbery scam, he agrees to Lakshmi’s proposal and heads to his village to stay safe from the cops.
Once he lands there, he comes to know about a heart wrenching story about his family. What truths does he find out about his family ? What is the story behind the temple ? To find out answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Technical Aspects :

As said earlier, production values of the film are excellent. The makers have not compromised on showcasing their film on a lavish scale, and have spent good money which shows on screen. The pre independence era and the visuals during this time have been conceived quite brilliantly. Camerawork is superb and especially all the scenes which showcase the dam construction have been shot nicely.
Dialogues written for Rajini are below par, and the screenplay gets a beating during the second half. Director K S Ravi Kumar managed to showcase the film in a grand scale, but went in too much detail and stretchered the film to the core. As a result, he lost out on certain logics and could not embed much entertainment in the film.

Plus Points :

Like always, Lingaa is once again a complete Rajini show all the way. Right from the word go, it is Rajni and his sheer screen presence which holds you throughout the film. Rajini excels in every department, and carries the entire film on his shoulders. He is superb as the royal heir in the second half, and is especially good in the emotional scenes.
Even though Sonakshi Sinha does not have much to do in the film, she makes a decent debut. Sonakshi looks good as the village belle and does her role sincerely. Anushka is apt for her role and nicely compliments Rajini during the first half. Production values of the film are superb, as the entire second half and all the scenes related to the dam construction have been showcased quite lavishly. First half of the film is entertaining, and has all the necessary commercial elements.

Minus Points :

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the excessive length. The flashback episode in the second half takes for ever to finish making it quite tedious. The story during this time has been stretched, and goes in way too much detail which is not necessary at all. At least 20 minutes of the film could have been easily chopped off.
Yet another drawback is that the trademark Rajini dialogues or the thrills which we regularly associate with him are missing in this film. Second half is quite predictable, and has not many twists and turns. There is absolutely no entertainment during this part as the film runs on a serious and emotional mode. A R Rahman’s music is below par as none of the tracks fail to register.

Final Words :

With Lingaa, it is once again proved that fans just love Rajini’s screen presence and adore him completely. Entertaining first half and a rocking performance by Rajini are the major assets. But a quite lengthy and lack luster second half spoils the fun completely. Finally, all those who want to watch Rajini irrespective of the above said factors can go ahead, but the rest need to go in without much expectations.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating : 2.5/5