Lakshmi Rai angry on n*de video


Lakshmi Rai angry on n*de video

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Lakshmi Rai angry on nde video
Lakshmi Rai has shot to fame with her scandals than her talent or acting prowess. And this piece is also about her MMS scandal.

Few days ago a n*de video was uploaded on the net and rumors are that its an MMS of very popular beauty, Lakshmi Rai!

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But the actress rubbishes that its not she in the n*de video and said that even the photoshop work was so bad that the uploaders could not make the female in the video look any way resembling to her.

Unfortunately, the MMS got downloaded and shared super fast by netizens who were viewing it assuming its the actress. But the actress got furious about the entire fiasco and said that its a conspiracy against her!

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